The Founders

Mira and Slobodan Pavlovic came to America in the 60s. Mira went with her parents from Yugoslavia to Austria and then to Chicago, while Slobodan, after several years spent in Skoplje, went to New York via Belgrade, and then to Chicago.

“After only two months of dating, Slobodan and I found ourselves before the judge, who pronounced us husband and wife on January 3 1966. We only had a wedding certificate and each other. Nothing more. I didn’t have a wedding dress. I bought a green dress with a bow and got married wearing that. I still keep it. We didn’t have the best man or the bridesmaid, nor did we have the wedding bands.”

Excerpt from the biography

Mira was born in Sajkas near Novi Sad in the family of Miko and Smiljka Krkljus. Slobodan was born in 1938 in the village of Popovi near Bijeljina in the family of farmers Miko and Jovanka Pavlovic.

Only a few Serbs have, in these hard times of the 20th and the 21st century, become living legends among their people. Apart from a couple of other patriots and humanists, Mira and Slobodan Pavlovic managed to become precisely that, and are perceived as great Serbian benefactors. They came back in these difficult times and they are still helping their homeland.

They had their goal and their dreams. After 25 years they came back to their homeland and started fulfilling them, and it has been going on for 22 years now…

Having the monument to Duke Ivo of Semberija erected in Popovi in 1990, marked the beginning of their dreams coming true, and the very next year ground was broken for the Pavlovic Bridge, the construction of which was completed on August 28, 1996. On that, for these parts, historical day, ground was also broken for the new city on the Drina River – Slobomir. While the first facilities were being constructed, Pavlovics had the monument built to an epic poet Filip Visnjic in front of the Public Library in Bijeljina, and the following year, the construction of The Christ’s Salvation Church in Popovi was also completed. The completion of the Pavlovic international Bank in Slobomir and laying of the foundation stone for the Slobomir P University marked the second phase in Pavlovics’ dreams coming true. Today, Pavlovic International Bank is one of the most respectable institutions in Republic of Srpska, BH, and the University, which enrolled its first generation of students in November of 2003, in campuses in both Doboj and Slobomir, is one of the first and the best private universities in this region, which distinguished itself by the great study conditions and quality of education as well as the renowned faculty members, also comprising some of the distinguished professors from abroad, namely the Northern Illinois University from Chicago.

Meanwhile, the Pavlovics had the synagogue built for the Jewish community in Doboj, sponsored a construction of a pedestrian bridge on the Rzav River and waterworks of the Dobrun Monastery.

Developing business in this region, the Pavlovics, together with some partners from the USA founded and started up IBD Company, Brcko in 2000. During the privatization process, state capital of the Zitopromet Company, which is today a major producer of various kinds of bread and pastry, has been bought, as well as the state share of the printing house Grafam, in Brcko. In the same city, the Pavlovics and their partners also started up a company called Disc Digital Replication, which produces digital media.

Extraordinary natural resources of this region and previous investments inspired the Pavlovics to start the construction of the first dedicated geothermal borehole GD-2 in 2009 in Slobomir. This has multiple significance for the city of Slobomir and it was successfully completed in January of 2010. This project started a process of exploitation of the geothermal energy for the purpose of the new city heating and for the needs of the Aqua Park, the future sport and recreation complex which is going to be built on the area of 5.3 ha.

A very important role in the promotion of the ideas and the development of the investments plays Radio and TV Slobomir which has been on air since August of 2008, and whose program, the viewers from all around Europe and America will soon have a chance to watch via satellite, as the development plan predicts.

Thanks to his life’s work, Slobodan Pavlovic received numerous awards, one of which is the Medal of St. Sava of the First Order. He was also named a counselor of the Serbian-American Chamber of Economy and the Honorary Academic of the Serbian Academy of Innovation, as well as the member of the Senate of the Republic of Srpska.


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