Geothermal Water

Geothermal Water

Geothermal water, an exceptional natural resource, can be used for:

  •            Heating of settlements
  •            Greenhouse heating in production of vegetables, flowers and medicinal herbs
  •            Sport, recreation and spa purposes
  •            Drinking



Geothermal water is a renewable energy source which meets all the ecological conditions in its exploitation. Geothermal water can be found under the earth’s surface in large reservoirs at various depths, or more rarely it emanates from the ground at the very surface. The developed countries in the world as well as the developing ones use the geothermal energy. In the developed countries, where the price of energy is real-valued (market price), geothermal power plants can produce electricity by the same price as the conventional ones. Geothermal energy can also be used for heating of residential, business and other buildings, streets and roads. This heating system is efficient, economic and a good alternative to conventional heating systems.


A detailed hydro-geological research, done at the wider area of Slobomir showed existence of rich wells of geothermal water. The temperature of the water at the research borehole in Dvorovi, some 10km from Slobomir, is 73C at the depth of 1200m. Available project documentation shows projected temperature value of 80C at the depth of 1800m and 95C at the depth of 2500m and more in Slobomir. Analyses show one of the richest sources of renewable geothermal water in Europe. Project documentation proved correct and at the end of 2009 drilling of the first dedicated geothermal borehole GD-2 in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1800m deep with water temperature of 75C, was completed, and the deep borehole pump was installed, providing a flow of 60l/s, which is the capacity that can provide heating for around 110.000 m2 of residential and commercial space.



The Slobomir Company owns:

  •                    Construction Land of 46 ha with primary infrastructure
  •                   Approved Urban Development and Regulatory Plans and other necessary project documentation
  •          30-year concession contract with the Government of Republic of Srpska for the exploitation of geothermal water at the Slobomir-Popovi- Obranak Lake area. The contract stipulates the construction of 7 research-exploitation boreholes, out of which one has already been completed (GD-2 in Slobomir)
  •          30-year concession contract with the Government of Republic of Srpska for the exploitation of low-mineral drinking water in the Slobomir area. The Slobomir Company has so far drilled 3 wells of cold water:


The first well IEB-1, 54m deep, is used as a drinking water source for Slobomir.

The second well , IEB-2, 120m deep is planned to be used for the water supply of all the swimming pools in Aqua Park.

The third well, IEB-3 is 90m deep. Water from this well was tested from the aspect of physical-chemical, radiological and microbiological safety by the Public Health Institute of Republic of Srpska and the results of the analyzed sample meet the requirements of the Ordinance on Hygienic Quality of Drinking Water and the Water Law, and show that the water is epidemiologically sound and uncontaminated and can be used for drinking.

This water is to be used for bottling and for the production of fruit juice in Slobomir Bottling Plant.

The flow capacity of these three wells is around 60l/s.


In addition, the Slobomir Company also holds the following projects drafted by the Faculty of Mining and Geological Engineering from Belgrade:

  •           The project for geological and geo-technical substrata for the Slobomir City development
  •           The project of detailed hydro-geothermal research at the area of Slobomir-Popovi-Obranak Lake for the purpose of determining the conditions for the       exploitation of thermal water and geothermal energy for the use of heating and other applications
  •           The main mining project for the construction of drilled wells for the exploitation of ground low-mineral drinking water at the site of Slobomir
  •                      Project of ground water exploitation with vertically drilled well IB-1-HG for the requirements of Slobomir.
  •           Survey of ground low-mineral drinking water reserves


The existing geothermal borehole GD-2 in Slobomir is already being used for the heating of the present facilities in Slobomir, and there is a plan to use it for the following projects:

  •           Exploitation in the Drinking Water Bottling and Fruit Juice Production Plant which is to be constructed in Slobomir
  •           Tourist and sport-recreation center – Aqua Park which is being built in Slobomir City
  •           Heating of the residential and business space
  •           Greenhouse heating (production of health food, medicinal herbs and flowers)
  •                     Spa and recreation purposes

-          Production of the ecologically sound electrical energy in thermo power plants. Regarding the types of thermo power plants, there is a possibility we can use:

  1. Power plants where water is instantly turned into steam when released from the pressure in a tank, i.e. when exposed to the pressure which is lower than the pressure of the tank. The power of steam is then used to propel the turbine, which again propels the generator. After going through the turbine, the steam is condensed again and the water is returned into a tank through the borehole to heat up again, which constitutes a closed cycle.
  2. Power plants operating binary. They use hot water of lower temperature. Heat of geothermal water is used to heat up other liquids which have lower boiling temperatures, such as isopentane, isobutene, liquid carbon dioxide or the water solution of ammonia. In the heat exchangers the hot water conveys its heat to so called working fluid, which then turns to steam and expands. That steam propels the turbines and generators. In the near future, binary systems will be the most widely used ones in geothermal power plants, since they use geothermal water of the lower temperature. Binary system power plants also operate in a closed cycle, which means there is no emission into air and after going through the heat exchanger, water returns to the tank.


Geothermal energy based power plants do not burn fossil fuels to produce electricity and therefore do not emit harmful gases. Geothermal vapors and water naturally do not contain any considerable amounts of hydrogen-sulfide or other gases, nor the chemical that can be harmful to the environment.

These power plants emit small amounts of carbon dioxide when compared to thermo power plants of the same capacity which burn fossil fuel (coal, natural gas, oil). On the other hand, in comparison with the plants that burn coal or oil, geothermal plants emit minimum amounts of sulfuric components. Power plants using geothermal energy compared to the ones using fossil fuel have the following advantages

  •           No fuel transport to the plant, or the transport of ash to the designated landfill
  •           No need for pipeline
  •           No need for construction of expensive roads needed for transport of liquid fuels
  •           No pollution of water and air

Our company is open for all kinds of cooperation regarding the use of geothermal water, and is especially interested in partnership for the implementation of the above projects.


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