Swimming pools and atractions


-          Indoor part of Aqua Park contains several interconnected swimming pools, total area of 5750m2 with various attractions:


-        250 m2 swimming pool with the 4-lane slope

-        250m2 swimming pool with the double spiral and one straight slide

-        1250m2 swimming pool for swimming and relaxation with hydro-massage zones, upstream flows and waterfalls, with one part extending out of the building

-        250m2 children’s swimming pool with attractions, 40 cm deep



Indoor Olympic-size swimming pool with stands for audience of 500, will meet the criteria for the organization of international competitions.  The base area of the facility is 4300m2, but with two stories and two galleries, the total area amounts to 7500m2.

The outdoor water park, water area of 6500m2 includes:

  • the swimming pool with waves,
  • relaxation swimming pool,
  • children’s swimming pool,
  • still and wild rivers
  • swimming pool with slides,



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