The New City of Slobomir

The new city of Slobomir is located on the left bank of the Drina River, municipality of Bijeljina (8km from Bijeljina) in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on a Banjaluka-Brcko-Bijeljina-Pavlovic Bridge-Sabac-Belgrade trunk-highway. The city area of Slobomir is renowned for its natural wealth: fertile land, drinking water, geothermal water (75 - 80 C) at the depth of 1800m.

The Slobomir Company, founded by Mira and Slobodan Pavlovic, businessmen who have been living and working in Chicago for 45 years, is the main carrier of construction of the new city. Slobomir is the city of freedom and peace and we often like to say it’s a city for the 21st century. It covers the area of 45 ha in the first urban construction zone, which is the property of the Slobomir Company, and based on the Urban Development and Regulatory Plan, adopted by the state authorities, it has a tendency to spread further to an area of 300 ha, with a plan to have the city on both sides of the Drina River which would connect Serbia and republic of Srpska. The city has a very convenient geographic location and some ecological advantages too. This region is not polluted, and the city lies atop geothermal water, which will be used for its heating. The city is to be constructed upon the bank of compacted gravel at the level of 94m with retaining walls and inclined surfaces to protect from the 100-year floods. The exceptional location of the city of Slobomir is also reflected through the fact it’s situated near borders of the three states: Republic of Srpska of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia and Republic of Croatia. Wider city area of Slobomir is shown in map 1. According to the Institute of Statistics Data, within 80 km around Slobomir there are approximately 1.85 million people gravitating to this area.

Pavlovics’ companies employ around 1200 workers.

You can view the map of Slobomir on this page. Urban Development Plan divides the city in a way that meets the residential as well as business needs of all its inhabitants – regardless of their age. There is individual and family housing as well as special purposes facilities such as – culture, sport, education, health, administration, parks, etc. Of course, the project includes other recreational facilities such as pedestrian and cycling zones.

Current Phase of Slobomir City Construction:

Finishing the embankment for the whole Slobomir City area

According to a project and geo-mechanical studies that were made based on geological engineering research, in order to obtain the necessary funding and protection of ground and surface water, the whole city area has to be elevated to the level of 94m.a.s.l.

Prescribed level is achieved by removing the surface humus layer, compacting the subsoil layer and depositing layers of gravel to the desired density.

This procedure has already been finished for the area of 15 ha. For the remaining 30 ha of the surface, around 1 million m3 of gravel needs to be excavated, transported and deposited.

Construction of a 35 KV overhead power line and a 35 KV substation in Slobomir

So far a 10 KV power line and a substation have been built, which was sufficient power supply in the initial phase of Slobomir development. In order to establish any future facilities, an overhead power line distribution network and a 35 KV substation need to be built.

In cooperation with Elektro Bijeljina, a state company, a project of joint financing of power line construction from Bijeljina 3 Substation to Dvorovi Substation has been drafted and there is also a proposition for joint financing of power line from Dvorovi Substation to Slobomir Substation, for which all the necessary licenses and approvals have been obtained.

Slobomir City Heating

Geothermal research, done by the Faculty of Mining and Geological Engineering from Belgrade, showed exceptional potential of geothermal energy in hot ground water.

There is a plan to construct three geothermal boreholes and a heating station in Slobomir as well as two geothermal boreholes in the village of Popovi and other two at the location of the Obranak Lake for the heating of commercial and residential buildings in Slobomir City. So far the first geothermal borehole called GD-2, which is at the same time the first dedicated geothermal borehole in Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been completed. The first phase of the heat exchanger station has also been completed and all the existing facilities in Slobomir have been connected to the geothermal heating system since the fall of 2011.

Construction of said boreholes would satisfy the need for heat and hot sanitary water of planned facilities in Slobomir, and the borehole in Popovi would help in production of vegetables, flowers, herbs and other greenhouse cultures.

A 30 year concession contract has been signed with the Government of Republic of Srpska for the exploitation of geothermal water.




Respect of highest ecological standards and the exploitation of energy from the renewable natural resources constitute the vision and the philosophy of the Slobomir City Development. Therefore, we can say that Slobomir is the chimney free city.

Today, Pavlovics own 10 companies in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, dealing in various areas such as education, banking, brokerage, food production, printing, bridge management, etc. The Slobomir Company has signed a 30-year concession contract with the Government of republic of Srpska for the exploitation of low mineral drinking water. The construction of the first of the seven geothermal boreholes was finished in January of 2010, and three low mineral water wells were also completed.

Aqua Park, a sport and recreational complex is under construction, and there are plans for many other projects such as water bottling plant, a shopping mall, residential buildings, The Pavlovic Tower, etc. There is also a great interest in investing into the improvement of the Sava Food Industry and greenhouse production development, which would help develop the Municipality of Bijeljina into a significant economic center.

The Slobomir Company owns the entire land of Slobomir, which is equipped with the complete primary infrastructure. All the said projects are in accordance with the Urban Development Plan brought forth by the relevant state authorities and there are no legal obstacles for their implementation.

Considering all the advantages and the potential of Slobomir, the Slobomir Company offers partnership to all the investors which recognize and support our vision of construction of Slobomir City.

Construction of the new business city - Slobomir is entrusted to the Slobomir Company, whose majority owners are businessmen Mira and Slobodan Pavlovic from Chicago.The Company was founded in 1997 with its office in Slobomir, Bijeljina, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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