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The construction of the Aqua City, the tourist and sport-recreation complex, began in mid-2011 in the new city of Slobomir on the Drina River, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, next to the Banjaluka-Brcko-Bijeljina-Pavlovic Bridge-Sabac-Belgrade trunk road. The region around Slobomir is characteristic by its extraordinary natural wealth: fertile land, drinking water, geothermal water, hydro-power potential of the lower course of the Drina River, which all makes it an area which meets all the ecological requirements.

There is a concession agreement, signed with the government of Republic of Srpska for the exploitation of Slobomir’s exceptional wealth of geothermal water with the temperature of 75C at the depth of 1800m (60l/s flow). Geothermal energy will be used for the heating of the entire Aqua Park complex.

Water park will be built in three stages at the construction land of 5.3 ha. It will feature indoor and outdoor facilities.


Indoor Water Park is being built on the construction surface of 19.960m2 and it will include:

-          Entrance building, GF+1, total area of 2560m2 , with the ticket office, locker rooms, dressing rooms, sanitary and technical rooms on the ground floor, the catering and service facilities and offices upstairs, and the sun terrace on the flat roof.

-          The Tower, GF+5, total area of 4150m2 , with technical rooms on the ground floor, catering facilities, sauna, fitness and wellness center and similar facilities on the first and second floors, technical level on the third floor, restaurant on the fourth floor and the terraces on the last level.


-          Swimming pools, area of 5750m2 containing several interconnected swimming pools with various attractions:

-        250 m2 swimming pool with the 4-lane slope

-        250m2 swimming pool with the double spiral and one straight slide

-        1250m2 swimming pool for swimming and relaxation with hydro-massage zones, upstream flows and waterfalls, with one part extending out of the building

-        250m2 children’s swimming pool with attractions, 40 cm deep

-        Catering facilities

-        Showers

-        Sanitary facilities

-        Paved and grassy areas for relaxation and sunbathing


Indoor Olympic-size swimming pool is to be built in the second stage, and it will meet the criteria for the organization of international competitions. Beside the 25m x 50m swimming pool, there will be dressing rooms, locker rooms, offices, media center, stands for audience of 500, service, sanitary, catering and other necessary facilities. The base area of the facility is 4300m2, but with two stories and two galleries, the total area amounts to 7500m2.


The capacity of the indoor part of the aqua park is 3000 visitors at the same time. It will be used throughout the year. During the summer season, the sides of the building will be open making the whole with the outdoor area. In the further development, at the higher level of this facility, a wellness center will be formed, which will later be connected to the future hotel within the aqua park.


The outdoor water park with the swimming pools is to be built on the construction area of 2.3 ha, out of which the water surface, which includes: the swimming pool with waves, relaxation swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, still and wild rivers and the swimming pool with slides, takes 6500m2.

In the area of the outdoor water park there will be grassy and sunbathing surfaces, paved lanes and plateaus, catering and sanitary facilities as well as showers.

The capacity of the water park, after all three stages are completed, will be 9500 visitors.

The 1000-vehicle parking lot, covering the area of 20000m2 is defined by the Regulatory Plan of Slobomir City and is located by the Complex driveway.

The latest water entertainment equipment will be installed together with the modern swimming pool technology for variety of water games. Attractive architecture solution, modern spatial design and the design of the structure elements and equipment, precise finishing and sophisticated management system, will all be applied.

The Slobomir Company signed contracts with the Government of republic of Srpska and owns two concessions:

-          30-year concession for the exploitation of low-mineral water at the site of Slobomir City, signed in August 2006,

-          30-year concession for the research and exploitation of geothermal water, signed in January 2003.

The construction area of the aqua park is owned by the Slobomir Company, which will further influence the activities of the present and future competition, which would have to invest significant capital into a purchase of land, where they could build facilities of similar purpose, size and appearance. Having in mind the concessions for the exploitation of the geothermal water which will be used for the heating and the swimming pools, with the wells in near proximity of the future aqua park, this enterprise is clearly economically justified.

Aqua City LTD, Slobomir is the new company which is responsible for investment activities and the construction of aqua park.



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